Rotary Rack Oven

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Bakers choice Dazzle Rotary Rack Oven due to its unsurpassed even flow of heat, which results perfectly baked products every time.

Dazzle newly designed Compact and Comet Rack Oven boast exceptionally large Baking area with minimum surface requirement. And also with a steam system which provides high volume, shine, texture and crust in the market.

The energy required in the baking process is fine tuned by an energy saving heating element, a well balanced blower with precision nozzle which distributes the exact amount of heat necessary into the baking chamber.

Dazzle Rotary rack oven is mounted on a sturdy base frame, thus the rotary rack oven can be delivered fully assembled and also it is reassuring to know that we can also deliver the oven disassembled so that it fits via a smaller door.

All the generating units are located outside the baking chamber where they are easy to reach and make Dazzle so Practical.
A large stainless steel chimney fitted with auto running exhaust fan, prevents steam from escaping into the bakery when the oven door is opened.

Dazzle Rotary Rack Oven’s trolleys are known for their high stability and long life. They come with fully welded joints, strong rails for supporting the baking trays.