Bread Slicer (Slow Speed)

Model – DE-SSS-CS-L1
Dimensions – 1200 X 650 X 800
Power – 1.25 KVA
Working Area Dimension – 4′ X 3′

Type – Loaf Cutting
Production – 400 LOAFS / Hr – 400 Gms

Salient Features:
Designed to slice different types of Breads, Rusks, Cakes, etc.
Suitable frames can be provided to suit your preferred slice thickness.
The loaves of bread / rusks are to be placed one behind the other on the gravity feeding tray.
They are sliced without wastage.
The vertical running knives slice the loves at equal thickness as per requirement.
All steel welded construction.
Grease packed heavy duty ball and roller bearings for smooth operation.
Knives individually mounted under balanced tension.
Frames giving different slice thickness can be fitted.
All contact parts are SS 304.